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Expungement In Alabama

Expungement in Alabama If you have been charged, but not convicted, of a non-violent crime in Alabama, you may be able to get the charge expunged.  That means, the charge will be removed from your criminal record, and no longer … Read More

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Warrant Exceptions

Exceptions to the Search Warrant Requirement When an investigative officer intends to search a person, place or thing, and seize evidence that is found, it must be done legally.  That means that certain basic requisites must be met.  As such, … Read More

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Court Deferred and Diversion Programs

Diversion and Deferred Court Programs It is common knowledge that the prisons in our country are severely overcrowded.  Alabama prisons are no exception.  A 2011 report indicated that the “overall occupancy rate of Alabama Prisons is 189.3%.”  That is almost … Read More

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Criminal Defense Law

What is Criminal Defense Law? You know the rule: “innocent until proven guilty.”  Essentially, this means that everyone is entitled to certain legal protections, even those who have been accused of committing a crime.  Law enforcement certainly has substantial resources … Read More

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Alabama Expungement Law

How Does Expungement Work in Alabama? Alabama residents, charged with a non-violent crime but not convicted, may be able to have that charge expunged, meaning erased from their criminal record and from the public record, as well. Alabama’s expungement law … Read More

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Possession of Marijuana in Alabama

  What is the Penalty for Criminal Possession of Marijuana in Alabama? If you are facing a marijuana charge for possession, it is important to know the possible penalties in Alabama.  Criminal charges for, not only marijuana possession, but also … Read More

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