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Search and Seizure Laws

Search and Seizure Laws The United States Constitution guarantees the right of its citizens to be free from unlawful or unreasonable searches and seizures by law enforcement personnel.  This right is guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment.  Basically, this means that … Read More

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Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic Marijuana A recent bust in Dothan recovered large quantities of synthetic marijuana, along cocaine, other drugs and a gun.  As a result of the search warrant, the officers uncovered 143 10-gram packages of the synthetic drug, along with a … Read More

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Plea Bargaining- Part 2

In our earlier post, we discussed a few important strategies to consider in negotiating a plea in a criminal case.  These plea bargaining strategies have been highlighted in Thomas J. Farrell’s “Criminal Defense Tools and Techniques.”  While there are various … Read More

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