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DUI In Alabama On Spring Break

Being arrested and charged with a DUI in Alabama on spring break, or any other time, can be stressful. If this is the first time and you don’t know what to expect, that stress can turn into a lot of … Read More

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Public Intoxication On Alabama’s Gulf Coast

With Spring Break right around the corner, this is a good time to remind Alabama residents and visitors of the consequences of a public intoxication charge. Although most of us have heard of “public intoxication,”the legal definition may not be … Read More

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Drug Arrest in Alabama

So you think your dog, “man’s best friend,” will be loyal to you?  In most cases, that is probably true, but for one Alabama resident, his family pet helped the police bust him for drug offenses. Executing a search warrant … Read More

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Alabama Expungement

Alabama Expungement Alabama’s new expungement law allows certain components of an individual’s criminal record to be expunged or erased. Not everyone is eligible and not every crime is covered by the law.  An Alabama criminal defense attorney can explain the … Read More

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