Drug Possession

Speak With An Alabama Drug Possession Lawyer Immediately After Your Arrest

Speak with an Alabama drug possession lawyer if you are facing drug charges. Conviction of an Alabama drug possession charge could lead to your incarceration, thousands of dollars in fines and court costs, having a felony on your permanent criminal record, loss of driving privileges, and the placing of yourself in danger of treatment as a habitual offender in the event of any future criminal charges. It is recommended that you seek experienced counsel from an Alabama drug possession lawyer immediately if you are facing Alabama drug possession charges.

Many times when someone has an drug possession charge then they are facing a drug paraphernalia charge as well. At Ketcham Law our drug possession lawyer we will look at every possible defense strategy and investigate every aspect of your drug possession case. Hewill look at the events leading up to your arrest, the statements of any witnesses, and the actions of the officers involved in the investigation.

Your Alabama Drug Possession Lawyer

If you are facing drug possession charges you may have many defense options available to you. We take great care to review your case and your background before offering advice on the available defense options. In short, we will leave no stone overturned in our quest to help you explore every possible defense option and reduce or avoid the penalties that come from a conviction.

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