Minor In Possession

Alabama Minor In Possession Lawyer


An Alabama minor in possession of alcohol charge can be a tricky charge to defend. Many people are under the false impression that a minor in possession conviction is immediately vacated the day one turns the age of 18. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Some minor in possession of alcohol convictions can stay on your record indefinitely, impacting your ability to obtain a solid education or job. Hire an Alabama minor in possession lawyer today and avoid an minor in possession conviction altogether while protecting your future from unnecessary harm.

Aggressive Defense From An Alabama MIP Lawyer

At Ketcham Law our Alabama minor in possession lawyer  has the skills and knowledge needed to help you protect you against a wide range of juvenile charges, including:

Have you been arrested for minor in possession of alcohol in Orange Beach or Gulf Shores over spring break or while on vacation? By carefully investigating every detail of your case, our Alabama minor in possession lawyer works to uncover information that can be used during the defense. Information obtained during our investigation can be invaluable during plea negotiations with the prosecutor, requests for a diversion program or during a court hearing before a judge.

Alabama Minor In Possession Lawyer 

If you are facing an Alabama minor in possession charge or another offense, it is only natural to experience some shock and anger. However it is important that you act immediately to begin planning your defense. By getting Ketcham Law involved in your case quickly, you greatly improve their chances of avoiding a conviction and the severe and lasting penalties that comes with it. Call Ketcham Law at 205-296-4233 to discuss your  case with an experienced Alabama MIP  lawyer.