Alabama Medical License Attorney

Ketcham Law, Alabama medical license attorney, brings years of knowledge when it comes to representing medical professionals that go through the administrative disciplinary hearing. Our team of medical defense lawyers represent professionals for both formal and informal administrative hearings.  You cannot afford to put your career in jeopardy by representing yourself during a medical disciplinary hearing. 

Alabama Medical Board Lawyer

Your medical license is your ability to earn a living and provide for your family. If you are under investigation by the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners or have a disciplinary matter before the Medical Licensure Commission of Alabama, you should contact a professional licensed defense attorney. Ketcham Law is a medical board attorney that will tirelessly defend your ability to practice medicine.

Do not allow yourself to be told by Board investigators that you do not need legal representation. It is important to realize that the Board’s interest is not always what is best for you. It is not the mission of the medical board to protect your best interest. It is imperative to seek legal administrative representation at the earliest possible stage before any statements are made to investigators.

You need to consult with an attorney experienced with representing physicians in such matters as close to the onset of the proceedings as possible. Contact Ketcham Law if you are under investigation or have other disciplinary or license matters before the Board. Call 205-296-4233 to discuss your case with an experienced medical board defense attorney.

Defending Alabama Healthcare Medical Professionals

It takes years of high academic achievement and dedicated work experience for a nurse, surgeon, medical doctor, or anyone in the healthcare industry to obtain a professional medical license. However, it can take a mere few months for an administrative board to tear down those credentials. With an administrative board trying to prevent you from providing for your family, you need the highest level of legal representation to keep your practice or reputation on track.

Ketcham Law is experienced as a medical administrative law attorney. We have handled matters before the following medical professional boards:

  • Alabama Board of Nursing
  • Alabama Board of Pharmacy
  • Alabama Board of Medical Examiners
  • Alabama Board of Dentistry 

We help counselors, dentists, doctors, pharmacists, and other professionals for disciplinary or regulatory issues.

When your career hangs in the balance, you cannot afford to cut corners by working with an inexperienced team. Representing yourself without a medical board lawyer can often times turn out much worse for you. Contact Woody Ketcham if you are worried about losing your license to practice medicine and hit an experienced medical board lawyer today.

Contact an Alabama Medical License Attorney

If you have received a Notice of Investigation from the Alabama State Board of Medical Examiners (ASBME) or have a hearing scheduled before the Alabama State Board of Medical Examiners or Alabama or Medical License Commission (MLC) then call a medical board lawyer.  Mr. Ketcham represents physicians in Alabama who have medical license defense matters with the board.  Ketcham Law represents Alabama physicians facing investigations, disciplinary actions (including suspension) and revocation proceedings.

Call 205-296-4233 today and let a medical board defense lawyer help with you protect your medical license.