Drug Paraphernalia

An Experienced Alabama Drug Paraphernalia Lawyer Will Help You Understand Your Options

Alabama drug paraphernalia charges are a serious offense and many times this charge is accompanied with a drug possession charge as well.   Possession of Drug Paraphernalia is a Class A misdemeanor and can result when a person is in possession of any equipment, material, or product that is used for making, growing, using, or otherwise producing a controlled substance, including marijuana.  Alabama Code § 13A-12-260 contains a long list of items that can be considered drug paraphernalia under the right circumstances.  Included in this list are such items as hypodermic syringes, scales, water pipes, bongs, and roach clips.


At Ketcham Law our drug paraphernalia lawyer offers detailed and aggressive defense advice to individuals arrested or under investigation for drug paraphernalia offenses. Our skills and knowledge of the law and area judges and prosecutors allow us to offer the advice you need to understand your options when you have been arrested or are under investigation for an Alabama drug paraphernalia offense.

Drug Paraphernalia Charges Are Serious. Contact A Drug Paraphernalia Lawyer Immediately

A conviction relating to a drug paraphernalia charge can lead to severe penalties, including hefty fines, jail time and probation. A drug conviction on your record can also limit your ability to gain employment, rent an apartment and obtain loans for college.

In an effort to help you limit the damage done by a drug paraphernalia conviction, our drug paraphernalia lawyer will carefully investigate every detail of your case, including the evidence against you and the actions of police officers and the procedures employed during their investigation or search. Any information that demonstrates that your rights or proper police procedure were ignored, will be used to pressure the prosecution to reduce or dismiss your drug paraphernalia charges, or to prove your innocence during court trial.

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