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Alabama Criminal Defense Attorney At Ketcham Law

If you have been arrested and are facing Alabama criminal charges, then you need an Alabama criminal defense attorney. Call Ketcham Law and speak with a lawyer who understands the Alabama criminal charges against you. Alabama criminal charges mean you face potential penalties and you need an Alabama criminal defense attorney to explain the options you have for defending yourself. 

Having an Alabama criminal defense attorney with detailed knowledge of the prosecution and judges who may handle your case can dramatically improve your chances of limiting the harm caused by a conviction. Understanding how a prosecutor may approach a case or how a judge may view key evidence is vital to the defense planning process.

At Ketcham Law our Alabama criminal defense attorney is a local area native who knows the players in the criminal law system. Our firm has worked closely with many of the area’s prosecutors and judges in the past, and has gained insight into their approaches to a wide range of charges. This allows us to offer the advice you need to understand every aspect of your case, including the steps the prosecution will take to gather evidence and how they will build your case.

No Detail Overlooked When Facing Alabama Criminal Charges

To provide the best possible defense our Alabama criminal defense attorney will look at every last detail of your case must. Before offering advice on your case, we will review the circumstances leading to your arrest, the actions of police officers during and after your arrest, the evidence against you and any witness statements regarding the incident.

Any and all information gained during our detailed investigation will be used to build the strongest possible defense, and can be used to apply pressure on the prosecution to negotiate a reduction or dismissal of your charges. If a plea deal is not possible, or against your best interests, we will take your case to trial and provide the aggressive trial representation needed to plead your innocence and ensure that your side of the story is heard.

Call the Ketcham Law Firm at 205-296-4233 to discuss your Alabama criminal charges and learn how our Alabama criminal defense attorney can help you protect your wallet, your freedom and your future against unnecessary damage done by a criminal conviction.