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Hangout Musical Festival Arrests

Hangout Musical Festival Arrests This May thousands of music lovers flocked the Gulf Shores for the annual Hangout Musical Festival.  What is always a great time for music and fun in the sun also usually comes with numerous drug related arrests. … Read More

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Alabama’s Driving Record Point System

Most states enforce a penalty point system of some type when it comes to traffic offenses.  Points are generally applied to a driver’s record after certain driving offenses, which may expire after time.  If a maximum number of points is … Read More

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Alabama CDL

Alabama Commercial Driver’s License Whether you are starting a new job that requires you to drive a commercial vehicle or you just started a new business, in order to drive a commercial vehicle in Alabama, you must first obtain an … Read More

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Domestic Violence Charge

Domestic Violence Charge In Alabama If you have been accused of domestic violence, there are steps you can take to defend yourself.  Unfortunately, there are far too many false domestic abuse accusations made to law enforcement.  Although we are all … Read More

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