Hangout Musical Festival Arrests

Hangout Musical Festival Arrests

This May thousands of music lovers flocked the Gulf Shores for the annual Hangout Musical Festival.  What is always a great time for music and fun in the sun also usually comes with numerous drug related arrests.  This year there were over 100 reported arrests as a result of the festival. Many of these arrests were for felony unlawful possession of a controlled substance (UPOCS) and public intoxication.

UPOCS and Public Intoxication in Gulf Shores

While most all people know that possession of substances like Ecstasy, Cocaine, Molly, and LSD are illegal, many of these charges were a result of individuals having prescription Adderall in their possession.  Just because you have a prescription for Adderall does not mean you can carry the pills on you if they are not in the prescription pill bottle.  This can be a costly mistake to make. While a UPOCS charge is much more serious than a public intoxication charge, the charge of public intoxication is not one to take lightly.  This can be costly and remain on your permanent criminal record if not handle correctly.

Hangout Music Festival Arrests 

If you were arrested in Gulf Shores during the Hangout Festival you should speak to a lawyer as soon as possible about your pending criminal charges.  Call Ketcham Law today and speak with our criminal defense lawyer about your UPOCS, public intoxication, or any other criminal charge you face. Call 205-296-4233 and get the legal counsel that you can not afford to lose.

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