Alabama CDL

Alabama Commercial Driver’s License

Whether you are starting a new job that requires you to drive a commercial vehicle or you just started a new business, in order to drive a commercial vehicle in Alabama, you must first obtain an Alabama commercial driver’s license (CDL).  The specific classes of CDL licenses are different from one state to the next, as are the requirements to obtain one. Here is what you need to know about obtaining an Alabama CDL.

Alabama CDL Classifications

The type of CDL you need depends on weight and cargo.  Alabama classifies commercial vehicles that require a CDL to drive as follows:

Class A: Operate vehicles weighing more than 26,001 pounds that tow trailers or other vehicles weighing over 10,000 pounds

Class B: Operate vehicles weighing more than 26,001 pounds and tow trailers or vehicles that weigh less than 10,000 pounds

Class C: Operate vehicles that can transport 16 or more people or vehicles that transport hazardous materials

Basic requirements for obtaining a CDL in Alabama

To qualify for a CDL in Alabama you must be at least 18 years old, pass a vision exam and obtain a medical certificate. If you plan to haul materials across state lines, however, you must be at least 21 years old, pursuant to federal regulations.  Much like a standard license, CDL applicants must also pass both a written knowledge exam and a driving test. The CDL driving test has three parts: the pre-trip vehicle inspection, a basic control skills test, and the on-road driving exam. Remember that the driving test must be taken in the same type of vehicle as the class of CDL license you are trying to obtain.

CDL issues of concern in Alabama

Having a CDL makes receiving any traffic ticket or criminal charge much more serious.  State law and Federal regulations prohibit CDL holders from participating in driving schools or diversion programs, thus making the situation much more difficult to overcome. If you are a holder of a CDL and have been charged with a crime or received a traffic ticket, then you must consult with an attorney.  The consequences can be life altering if you are not careful.

For more information regarding Alabama CDL Requirements visit the Alabama Department of Public Safety website.  If you have questions regarding CDL licenses in Alabama, or any other related legal matters, please contact Ketcham Law for a consultation by calling us at (205) 296-4233.

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