Drug Arrest in Alabama

So you think your dog, “man’s best friend,” will be loyal to you?  In most cases, that is probably true, but for one Alabama resident, his family pet helped the police bust him for drug offenses.

Executing a search warrant

Police were executing a search warrant at the home of a suspect, Edward Melvin Henderson, in Prattville.  Henderson tried to flee into a wooded area in the rear of his home.  His Pitbull-husky mix was nearby and ran after his owner when investigators shouted “go get him!”  The police were about to give up on the search after losing sight of Henderson and his dog.  Then the noticed the dog’s tail wagging in the tall grass where Henderson was hiding.

Arrest leads to discovery of meth lab components

When Henderson was arrested and taken into custody, thanks to his pet, the police were able to execute the search warrant.  The search led to the discovery of methamphetamine and components from a meth lab.  Henderson was ultimately charged with failure to obey police, unlawful manufacture of a controlled substance (methamphetamine) and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Definition of a controlled substance

Certain drugs which have been determined to be dangerous, habit-forming, or otherwise inappropriate for use without a prescription, are designated under the law as controlled substances.  There are federal laws that provide categories for these controlled substances based on factors such as their medical benefits and their potential for abuse.

Charges for manufacturing a controlled substance

Manufacturing a controlled substance refers to the production of certain controlled substances through chemical processes or in a lab, such as cocaine and methamphetamine. Cultivation of a controlled substance, on the other hand, would include growing, possessing, or producing naturally occurring elements in order to make illegal controlled substances (e.g., marijuana).

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