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Criminal Law Defenses

Just as there are a wide variety of criminal charges in Alabama, there are also a variety of defenses to those criminal charges.  Basically, a criminal defense does one of three things: (1) it challenges the identity of the person … Read More

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Alabama’s Driving Record Point System

Most states enforce a penalty point system of some type when it comes to traffic offenses.  Points are generally applied to a driver’s record after certain driving offenses, which may expire after time.  If a maximum number of points is … Read More

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Alabama CDL

Alabama Commercial Driver’s License Whether you are starting a new job that requires you to drive a commercial vehicle or you just started a new business, in order to drive a commercial vehicle in Alabama, you must first obtain an … Read More

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Witness Testimony

Can a Witness Testify Against Me by Skype? This may have been a strange question a decade or so ago.  But in this day of smartphones and tablets in the hands of nearly everyone, it actually poses an interesting question.  … Read More

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Public Intoxication On Alabama’s Gulf Coast

With Spring Break right around the corner, this is a good time to remind Alabama residents and visitors of the consequences of a public intoxication charge. Although most of us have heard of “public intoxication,”the legal definition may not be … Read More

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Alabama Expungement

Alabama Expungement Alabama’s new expungement law allows certain components of an individual’s criminal record to be expunged or erased. Not everyone is eligible and not every crime is covered by the law.  An Alabama criminal defense attorney can explain the … Read More

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Posting Bail

What You Need to Know About Posting Bail If you know someone who is facing criminal charges, and they are in jail awaiting trial, figuring out how to post bail is an important issue.  Bail is the money that is … Read More

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Plea Bargaining- Part 2

In our earlier post, we discussed a few important strategies to consider in negotiating a plea in a criminal case.  These plea bargaining strategies have been highlighted in Thomas J. Farrell’s “Criminal Defense Tools and Techniques.”  While there are various … Read More

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Plea Bargaining

Plea Bargaining Strategies: Part One Contrary to what you may think, most criminal cases result in a guilty plea instead of a trial and conviction.  That is just the reality.  So, from the very beginning of a criminal defense case, … Read More

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Expungement In Alabama

Expungement in Alabama If you have been charged, but not convicted, of a non-violent crime in Alabama, you may be able to get the charge expunged.  That means, the charge will be removed from your criminal record, and no longer … Read More

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