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DUI in Alabama

In Alabama, drunk driving is the single largest cause of motor vehicle related fatalities each year.  Many drunk driving cases lead to DUI’s.  You may be familiar with the terms DUI and DWI, but wondering what is the difference between … Read More

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Federal Penalties for Drug Manufacturing

You may not have realized but Alabama law is not the only source of criminal penalties for drug charges.  In particular, criminal charges for manufacturing illegal drugs can come from both the federal and state government.  It depends, oftentimes, on … Read More

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Cultivation of Marijuana

Cultivation of Marijuana Plants in Alabama is Illegal Regardless of the push for legalized marijuana across the country, in Alabama, cultivation of Marijuana is a criminal offense.  This is true even if you grow the plant in your backyard or … Read More

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Alabama’s Expungement Law

Retroactive Application of Alabama’s Expungement Law Alabama’s new expungement law provides that certain components of your criminal record can be expunged or erased. Not everyone is eligible and not every crime is covered, but your Alabama criminal defense attorney can … Read More

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Alabama DUI Arrest

Alabama DUI Arrest and the Consequences  Many people are under the false impression that getting arrested in Alabama for driving while under the influence is not something to get that worried about.  While an Alabama DUI arrest is not a … Read More

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A Life Sentence for a Non-Violent Drug Crime?

So-called “three strikes” laws or habitual offender statutes have been around for a long time.  The purpose of these laws is to keep career criminals off the streets.  Basically, anyone who is convicted of three felonies will face a long … Read More

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Understanding Drug-Free Zone Laws and their Consequences

When the “War on Drugs” first began decades ago, drug-free zones were established and enhancement laws created which increased the penalties for certain drug offenses committed near schools.  Today, all 50 states and the District of Columbia have adopted some … Read More

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Probation Revocation Hearing

Anyone who is on probation knows that there are a number of things you must refrain from doing if you want to avoid violating the terms of your probation.  Committing another crime is the quickest and easiest way to have … Read More

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Criminal Law Defenses

Just as there are a wide variety of criminal charges in Alabama, there are also a variety of defenses to those criminal charges.  Basically, a criminal defense does one of three things: (1) it challenges the identity of the person … Read More

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Drug Possession Charge in Alabama

A drug possession charge in Alabama can be more complicated than you think.  There are many nuances that most people are unfamiliar with.  It is not as simple as having drugs in your possession.  So, if you are facing a … Read More

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