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Immigration Status and An Arrest

How an Immigration Hold may Affect your Criminal Case The number of criminal defense matters that now involve some type of immigration issue have seen an increase in recent years.  If you have a criminal matter and need legal assistance, … Read More

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Police Searching Cell Phones: Legal or Not?

Before a police officer can search a suspect’s cell phone, they typically need a search warrant or probable cause.  Since most people use their phones to document and communicate various aspects of their daily activities, and their lives in general, … Read More

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Alabama’s Criminal Sentencing Guidelines

Alabama made some significant changes to its criminal sentencing guidelines a few years ago, in an effort to address the overpopulated prison system.  For one thing, Alabama’s habitual offender laws, which historically led to long sentences after two or more … Read More

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Trafficking vs. Distribution

Is There a Difference Between Trafficking and Distribution? A common question clients have is what is the difference between drug trafficking and drug distribution?  Basically, drug distribution refers to the selling, delivering, or providing of a controlled substances illegally. This … Read More

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Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance (UPOCS)

It is basically understood that owning or possessing a controlled substance without justification or permission, can be a crime in Alabama – specifically, unlawful possession of a controlled substance. This crime is typically when an individual is found with marijuana cocaine, … Read More

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Do I Need A Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Why You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer In order to have a balanced and fair justice system, defense attorneys are a necessity.  Their goal is to aid in keeping innocent people from going to jail, but more importantly, to safeguard … Read More

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DUI in Alabama

In Alabama, drunk driving is the single largest cause of motor vehicle related fatalities each year.  Many drunk driving cases lead to DUI’s.  You may be familiar with the terms DUI and DWI, but wondering what is the difference between … Read More

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Federal Penalties for Drug Manufacturing

You may not have realized but Alabama law is not the only source of criminal penalties for drug charges.  In particular, criminal charges for manufacturing illegal drugs can come from both the federal and state government.  It depends, oftentimes, on … Read More

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Cultivation of Marijuana

Cultivation of Marijuana Plants in Alabama is Illegal Regardless of the push for legalized marijuana across the country, in Alabama, cultivation of Marijuana is a criminal offense.  This is true even if you grow the plant in your backyard or … Read More

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Alabama’s Expungement Law

Retroactive Application of Alabama’s Expungement Law Alabama’s new expungement law provides that certain components of your criminal record can be expunged or erased. Not everyone is eligible and not every crime is covered, but your Alabama criminal defense attorney can … Read More

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