Alabama DUI Arrest

Alabama DUI Arrest and the Consequences 

Many people are under the false impression that getting arrested in Alabama for driving while under the influence is not something to get that worried about.  While an Alabama DUI arrest is not a criminal conviction, it is a public record and record of that arrest can be viewed by others. Not only can someone, say an employer or a school, find record of your arrest; the fact that you were arrested can cause your drivers insurance to increase and there is likely going to be a suspension of your Alabama driving privileges.

Administrative Suspension of Your Alabama License 

Once someone is arrested for a DUI in Alabama then that individual is given a “yellow sheet of paper” that is their notice of suspension of their Alabama license.  This fine print letter informs the recently arrested person that they have certain rights that they can choose to protect but that their license is set to be suspended within 45 days. It is very important to hire an Alabama DUI lawyer to help with the administrative suspension process from this point on.

Alabama Administrative DUI Conviction

Once an administrative suspension begins you need a lawyer to keep you legally driving and to advise you as to what to do about the record of this administrative DUI conviction. Even though the administrative DUI conviction is not criminal record, for purposes of your driving record abstract there will be a DUI conviction listed. Having an experienced DUI lawyer to help you through this issue and getting this cleared up is key to your future well being and ability to keeping your license and having low insurance rates.

Contact Alabama DUI Lawyer

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