Spring Break Arrests

Alabama Spring Break Arrests 

Unfortunately many college students find themselves handcuffed and in the back of a police cruiser during spring break. In Alabama though the number of arrests over spring break appears to be down from the past few years.   The numbers would indicate that fewer arrests have been made in popular spring break destinations such as Orange Beach and Gulf Shores in 2017.

Common Spring Break Arrests

The majority of Alabama spring break arrests that occur in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores involve alcohol consumption and under age possession of alcohol. Minor in possession of alcohol is usually the most common arrest that occurs over the spring break season on the coast.  Public intoxication, DUI, open container violations, and drug possession are also common arrests that get made over the month or so long spring break season in the Orange Beach and Gulf Shores areas.

Alabama Law and Spring Break

Getting arrested is never a pleasant experience and it can cause consequences that are life changing.  While a lot of arrests that occur during spring break are for minor offenses, it is always wise to consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.  Underage college students sometimes have options available to them under the law that can protect their future and their permanent record.  Make sure to contact a criminal defense lawyer in Alabama if you have been arrested over spring break.  Call Ketcham Law at 205-296-4233 if you have any questions regarding an arrest or a criminal law issue.

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