Federal Child Pornography Charges

Federal Child Pornography Charges

Federal child pornography charge are some of the most serious offenses a person can be prosecuted for.  It is very important that you seek out legal counsel at the earliest time possible if you are facing federal child pornography charges. You need a skilled federal child pornography defense lawyer to help negotiate for your or to defend you against these very serious charges. Call Ketcham Law today and speak with a federal court defense lawyer. Your reputation and your life is at stake.

Federal Court Defense Lawyer

Our federal court defense lawyer is able to handle these difficult cases, providing intensive preparation and aggressive defense in court. If an advantageous agreement is available, we will skillfully negotiate to achieve it. If not, you can be assured that he will vigorously fight to defend your rights and your reputation.

Child pornography charges are often made more complicated by the manner in which the incriminating evidence was found. While print and physical video materials are still common culprit, the predominate media is online material. This presents a range of issues and defenses. If you are contacted by the authorities, hire a federal court defense lawyer from Ketcham Law.

You may not have been in control of the computer in question at all times, allowing others to use it who may have been responsible for the illicit materials. It is also not uncommon for illegal materials to become embedded in mass downloads to your computer, residing on your machine, unknowingly to you.  Contact Ketcham Law and speak with a federal court defense lawyer today.